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Hello everyone,

This is my first post here but I have it on good authority that many of you are quite knowledgable about civics (it is a civic forum after all).

I have a 2005 model year civic 1.6 sport (ep2 i believe) with 46,000 miles on it, which has become difficult to shift out of reverse (i am aware that sometimes getting into reverse can be difficult, and understand that it is because of a lack of a synchro on verse in the gearbox). I have recenty had the clutch fluid replaced as part of routine servicing (engine oil, plugs and all filters were also attended to), and shifting throu gears 1-5 presents no problems.

Has anyone encountered such a problem before? The gear lever can need quite a forcefull push, or even punch, to pop it out of reverse - this strikes me as unusual...

Thanks in advance for any technical insight that can be offered :)
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