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help please, i've just bumped into a corner of a brick wall. :( Its on the rear right...the marks are not scratches as in lines but are dots. I have about 4 or 5 dots going downwards where the cornders of the bricks all hit.

I'm unable to get a good shot so i'll try and explain it. When touching the marks, it feels bumpy, and some clear "glue" has come off. I can see some red in the marks and i think its the red brick colour. I dont know whether its gone down to the metal and the rear itself is not dented, just marked and raised.

I've a little touch up pen that was given by my dealer but i'm unsire whether it will work. I've only so far got wet tissue paper to blot as much brick remnants off the marks.

My previous cars have had scratches [linear] and i've always left them as they are slight. This is the first time i've bumped into something to cause such markings so i dont know wat to do. I dont want it to rust and spread.

will i need to get a mobile scratch person to repair it? Are they any good? I just want it looking good as new and not rust.

replies appreciated


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