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JAE will be at Wicksteed Park, Kettering, Northants on the 9th, 10th and 11th September 2011
Last year we had members from Civinfo, CTRO and TRS join the stand for JAE so I thought I'd pop a thread up about JAE 2011 for anyone interested.

For more info ablout JAE click here

Advance tickets for entry to JAE are available through CTRO at the weekend price of £25 per person. Payment to join the stand area with camping and evening BBQs is to cost £10 per person.

So in effect the cost is £35 per person for 3 days of cars, camping, food, fun and frolics! :-D
Please make payment via paypal as a gift (so no fees are incurred).
Paypal address is [email protected] then click "Personal" then "Gift", also add your forum name somewhere so I know who the payment's from then send me a PM with the address tickets have to be sent to.
To make payment by other means please PM me.

This year payment for car club advance tickets is being made now!!!
I've ordered and paid for 20 tickets so far and these will be given on a first come, first served basis although it may be possible to arrange further tickets at a later date.

List to date
1. Cat £35 PAID
2. Gravy £35 PAID
3. Mikeg £35 PAID
4. Omni £35 PAID
5. k20a_ed £35 PAID
6. ChrisMc £70 PAID
7. C2bdb £35 PAID

Cat :-D
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