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Hey guys, hope ur all staying safe 馃樂. can anyone out there solve this .
Me & one of my boys are having a little disagreement about what type of cars are JDM CARS. Hes saying one thing and im saying another. Guys please just say yes or No .
Q, Is a Honda civic type R VIII Gen a JDM CAR
cheers guys. Jay 馃憤

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No its not.
A JDM is a car that was only for built for the Japanese Domestic Market(JDM) and never officially imported by the manufacturer into this country. Think FD2, DC5, EK9 Type R, Civic Mugen RR, Toyota Soarer, Impreza 22B, Nissan Stagea to name but a few. JDM cars end up being imported here due to the very very strict Japanese version of their MOT.

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As Das said, its simply as it sounds, Japanesse Domestic Market, cars made only for the Japanese Domestic Market

The 8th Gen Civic we know and love here in Blightly was designed, bulit and sold here in the UK and Europe, Japan has a totally different 8th Gen Civic saloon

There is a JDM 8th Gen Type R (FD2) though, but it was a 5 door saloon, not the 3 door hatch we got

Funnily enough, the Japanese liked the UKDM 8th Gen so much, they even started importing them themselves, i think they did end up having an offically imported 3 door hatch as it was so popular over there

What did you and your mate think it meant out of interest?
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