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J's Racing Exhaust Rubber Mounts and Silencers

Avaliable for Next working day delivery we have the J's Racing Exhaust Rubber Mounts and Silencers from your official J's Racing distributor!!!

J's Rubber Exhaust Mounts .. £11.65+vat per mount

The J's Rubber mounts offer increased durability over stock ..reducing chassis vibration through your exhaust ..
If you have a J's exhaust then you'll need 3 of these babies
OEM's use 5 :)

J's Inner Silencer .. £59.99+vat

The epic rumble of the J's exhaust can be toned down slightly with one of these Inner silencers ..effectively reduces noise by about 10db so ideal if you do track days or have royally upset your neighbours who just dont appreciate such a beautiful sound lol!!

Both parts are always instock here at Sumo Towers for a next working day delivery as always..we offer you mail order as it should be!! FREE UK SHIPPING / OVERSEAS SHIPPING ON THESE ITEMS IS JUST £6.99

Anyone that wants either of the above..you know the drill..Call me / PM me , E-Mail or treat me and pop down for a visit ;)

Cazza x
01797 228934
Caroline (at)sumopower.com


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Yep got plenty on the shelf they are universal so these'll fit either PM me or give me a call if you want some :)
Brilliant, could you PM me your paypal and price for one inc delivery and vat please, il order and pay for one now:D
Only need the one as the backbox will be pretty close to splitter, only need to lower it by a few mm.
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