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Brand Focus - J's Racing

We have been an official dealer of the J's Racing brand for many years now. We have recently reviewed the prices of all the J's Racing items we currently have in stock. Please browse through our J's Racing section and listings on our new web shop.

J's Racing Web Shop Section

About J's Racing
Since it started the company in Osaka Japan, our specialty has always been tuning and developing the performance parts for Honda vehicles. We also actively host track events for our customers and participate in several race series.
All of our products and tuning menus are the fruit of the countless test and research on the actual race tracks and test courses It has been our philosophy that only the products which meet or exceed the very high standard set by us are to be released to the market We believe it is this philosophy which results in the world wide popularity of our products from the North America, Asia, Oceania, and Europe,

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