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Winter is coming and I´m worried about my battery.
Last spring, I had a software update for my FK2 and it really looks like the battery lasts longer, but still I´m unsure.

Since I don´t have electricity in my garage, I just had the idea to purchase one of these portable energy stations.

I don´t want to work under the hood in cold weather, so I thought, I might get me a jump start cable to be used in the cigarette lighter socket (i.e. something like this).

As I understand it, it works like this (of course, with my key unplugged while attaching everything):
I attach the jump start cable to the lighter socket and then the cable to the battery station.
Then I load the battery for a few minutes, unplug the cable from the lighter socket and then start the car in the ordinary way.

Do you think, this might work when the battery is flat next time?

I just realised, it probably won't work, because the lighter socket doesn´t work until the key is attached, but if the key is attached, the immobiliser gets broken, doesn´t it?
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