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Hi all,

I was hoping for some suggestions on a small issue I've noticed. When I drove my car back I can't remember noticing the left tweeter?

Since I've removed the head unit, my left tweeter sometimes slightly buzz's on low speed roads around 30-40 (not higher). It may have done it before, I'm not really positive as I didnt have it long.

I've removed the head unit since, checked the cabling - all good. Also added extra insulation behing the head unit and still the same problem. Connections seem sound.

Are there any thoughts on what this could be??
Or advice, where I could check?
Is there any other speakers I could try which fit?

Many thanks in advance
Cheers Chris

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when you say on low speed roads the tweeter buzzes do you mean while music is being played or when the head unit is switched off ?

music being played = buggered tweeter your listening to the voice coil rattling
usually caused by overdriving the player ( soft clipping as it is known guaranteed to ruin any tweeter the more expensive the more likely it will happen )

head unit off = loose tweeter or surround resonating

the oem tweeters on these civics are not good if you can find some like for like replacements get em changed the difference is night and day
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