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For the next couple of weeks we will be opening our workshop to map FN2 Type R's on the new Ecutek software.

Current dates available are


Please be aware these spaces are very limited (3 per day max)

please email us at [email protected] to secure your slot !!

More information about EcuTek below.


We have been working with the new Ecutek software for the FN2 over the last few weeks developing it as we go with Ecutek themselves and have mapped a lot of cars with the new features that are offered and have put together a short video highlighting some of the simple options we are now offering. It also makes it a bit easier to see an understand exactly how the system works.

The car in the video has just an HKS intake and Milltek exhaust and the normal expected gains were seen just through remapping with earlier vtec, upped limiter, sharper throttle response, better fuel economy and gains throughout the rev range...... and then we started to add some nice features. >:)

On this car we are demonstrating the 4 mode multi-map option that is all accessed and controlled through the cruise control buttons.

Map 1 - Tuned map with flat foot shifting
Map 2 - Tuned map with flat foot shifting and blip on downshifts
Map 3 - 4000rpm/30mph valet mode
Map 4 - Anti-start

We also have the adjustable launch control enabled which again is adjusted through the cruise control buttons.

Please note that multi-map, blip on downshift and flat food shifting is currently only available on the GT models but we are working out a way to tray and retro-fit this to the non-GT cars.

We have a turbo car in next week to work on the boost control setups which are all available now with the stock euro ecu so not forced to switch to the American Si ECU like we have been with Hondata plus we will later be able to configure traction control with full ignition or throttle cuts all through the stock ecu without needing to purchase another expensive unit.

Full list of options and prices so far are listed on our webshop in this link:

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