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"Loyalty" offer from Honda UK

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Just had a "Thank you for your loyalty" letter from my local Honda dealer saying that Honda UK had asked it to contact me regarding my existing vehicle. "If you no longer own this vehicle but would be interested to see if you still qualify for the benefit of this reward, please give me a call."

Anyone else had such a letter? It may be a coincidence, but my car is three years old on the 29th and the dealer has just MOT'd and serviced it - and of course there's a new model just out.

"Why don't you ring the dealer and find out more," you ask, and I may do so next week. But I'm seldom impressed by clever marketing wheezes and would like to go into any conversation with some prior knowledge.

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Yes - I had a letter from Lookers in Nottingham a couple or so weeks ago stating that if I were to contact their sales manager, there might be something of interest to me. I shredded it!:D
Maybe initial orders are dissapointing if they're making offers this early in.
Dealers are on their knees..They will try anything to get in the punters.
Youre not a special customer at all
Just someone who MAY be interested in buying another because you already have one
Maybe initial orders are dissapointing if they're making offers this early in.
I'm not surprised, the new model is ugly.
Standard Marketing ploy.
Bad for the brand

I just gone one too. But the wording was even more obscure - it reads:

Dean Mr (me)

GOOD NEWS...!!! (in large font)

Our Director, Mr (XYZ), has asked me to contact you regarding some good news about your existing vehicle.

Could you please call me on (telephone number) quoting reference GN-(ABCD) for further information.



I could barely contain my excitement as I leaped out of bed this morning and rushed to the phone to call them up as soon as the opened to asked to be removed from the mailing list.

I work for a company who values the brand more than anything we sell - its hard to believe that "honda the power of dreams" would endorse this tacky advertising technique against the brand.

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I had a similar letter from my dealer too. I didn't really mind though, I'm always after scrap paper to write my Tesco shopping list on :)
A friend of mine with another Honda model got the "loyalty" letter and rang up the sales manager, who told him that a new version was coming out this autumn and would he like to take the opportunity to buy a new example of what he had already before then. My friend was underwhelmed.

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