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Hello! I really need an opinion....I have been a Honda driver now for the past 10 years. Love, love, LOVED my car but had to sell when I moved overseas. I am looking at buying a used Honda right now, and I have found a 1997 Honda Coupe that is selling pretty cheap (almost too cheap - seems too good to be true!).

Anyway, when I was comparing the prices on Redbook, I found that this particular car is actually made in the USA versus Japan. One of the reasons I have faith in Honda is because they ARE made in Japan - good track record!! Now I'm confused - are USA made Hondas just as good as the ones from Japan?

I found a blog that says a resounding "NO", but that's only one opinion. Thought I would check here.

PS - I can buy this car or a 1994 Honda Civic 4dr sedan for same price, less km's. That's 3 years of innovation I could be missing out on, BUT the 1994 IS made in Japan. So..... whaddya think?

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I work for an oil company (here in Norway) along with a goodly few ex-pats ...

There's a couple of guys from the USA and one from Canada, who have a USA-built Honda back home, and they all report no significant issues ...

p.s. - their cars are however a lot newer than 1997 ...
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