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attempted refurb! - Album on Imgur

Had the car 6 months now and came to realise the wheels needed some love and attention after previous owners (I swear!) gouged nearly 75% of 3 of the rims and 25% of the other.

Ended up using tiny bit of etch primer for where I reached the alloy and roughly 1 further can of each primer/paint/lacquer

I got a bit too bold with the lacquer towards the end and got some runs which was heart wrenching after all the sanding the previous day.

Ended up spending around £70, on unused cans and another set of axel stands. Undecided if all the trouble was worth the results as I found out a place nearby did powercoat refurbs for £20 a corner! with good reviews.

All in all quite rewarding and I love the final look, but should I match the centre caps ?
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