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Bought this car 2 Months ago as a bog standard 1 lady owned 2008 Car , Had 38000 miles on her
Couldn't resist changing her a little to make it mines

First things first was a full service all filters and plugs changed and also checked the valve clearances whilst i was in there .
Then i painted the callipers red to match :p
Had a couple of dings in the door removed
Ordered some shiny mud flaps and fitted some wind deflectors
My good Mate is a top class Painter so decided i would get the standard bumpers painted milano red again with some black inserts kinda like the gp kit
Also had the wheels done gloss black with a shiny flake through them
Tidied up the inside with a new gear gaiter and skunk 2 gear knob and also fitted a parrot handsfree kit
Also removed both rear small silencers and downturned the pipes as was sick of cleaning the bumper with the exhaust fumes/condensation coming through there and painted the wee tow eye milano red to tidy it up
Think thats me about finished with it for me but wouldn't mind a Gruppe M air box and Flashpro at some point in the future but fairly happy with it for now


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Very nice. Looks good. V low mileage for the year so you wise to service her as you have done. Maybe a long run to clear her lungs out. But very tidy.

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