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Do we know why these things keep cracking? It is possibly because they're exposed to air (to dissipate heat) but as a result, are susceptible to changing climate conditions and water ingress from car washes etc?

I wonder if I could bodge some kind of cap to help protect them a little more. Or perhaps coat them in something nonconductive....

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I am a producer of SOD 76209-SMG-E01
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I will write a few words about SOD
Forgive me my English is not good. Correct me if I wrote something wrong or incomprehensible
The mirror has two mechanical stops
The mirror wing folds in until it reaches the mechanical stop
Then the motor draws more current
SOD detects a higher current consumption and cuts the voltage off the mirror motor
If the SOD fails, the yellow fuse will trip
the yellow polymer fuse has a service life of 100 to 200 shutdowns. Later it gets damaged
The fuse can be replaced. However, this is the removal of the effects and not the cause of the fault

I am producing SOD in a revised version. I have removed a factory defect.
write to me if you have questions or want to buy SOD.
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