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I've never been able to get my phone, like many others, to connect to the headend.
I brought a new Samsung A8 a few weeks ago to replace a S6.
Tried it and still not connecting.
Today sat fiddling around and did the following.
Downloaded Samsung Carmode.
*** to settings / connections / more connection settings / mirrorlink and then while connected by usb tapped the three dots for mirror link devise ID.
Unique device number was blank and then became populated with numbers etc.
Screen on Honda then went from loading to showing Carmode and add app.
Tapped on carmode and all was working!
Had a fiddle around and disconnected and tried again, but would not connect!
I had a look at the info on carplay on the Android app and says it supports vehicles supporting mirror link v1.0
I tried another mirror link app and managed to get it to show on head end, but as soon as I went to add it via the add app icon it just would not load.

I always thought you needed an old version of android to get mirrorlink to work, but this is proving you dont.
So has anyone any ideas how to get it working again on the Honda head end??

Interesting note. When I plugged phone in again the head end showed loading, but phone come up with "you need a mirror screen compatible app to show on separate screen".
Almost like the phone had lost the register of smart screen apps....


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Do you know what version of the headunit software you are running? If you haven't had it updated, I imagine you'll be on RC4, As I was (17 Plate) - The RC8 Version I recently was updated to has greatly improved the reliability of Mirrorlink with my Samsung Note 8.

On RC4, Similarly to yourself, I manged to get some indications of functionality, as you describe, but never working reliably.

If you are in the warranty period, you can just go to the dealer and request the RC8 Update with "Mirrorlink isn't working", Or just wait until your next service if it isn't urgent.

If you would rather do it yourself, I have the files and instructions that you can use.
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