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I seem to be having some recent issues :(

I usually have the AC set on Auto 18-20c, maybe a little cooler over the summer.

Fault 1) The AC doesn't always blow cold even when set to LOW. Flicking it on and off has sometimes made it kick in.

Fault 2) In even the slightest drizzle, ALL the windows can fog up in under a minute. I've been forced to pull over and stop in dangerous places recently due to how quickly and how bad it can happen.

Fault 3) Even with the temperature set to a moderately warm setting (21c) and set to hit the windscreen, it blows so cold it can cause condensation to form on the OUTSIDE of the glass, even on a cool day.

Any thoughts before I take it to a garage for an expensive investigation? Leak? Fault relay? Blocked drainage?
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