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Hi guys. This is my first post on the site, but I have been reading up on a few things about my Mk8 Civic and I want to start by thanking you all for the wealth of knowledge on here!

I have what appears to be a very common issue with my 2006 1.8 V-tec, the wipers continuing to run after you tell them to stop, and then when they eventually do stop, they stop anywhere on the screen.

I read through the long post on how to fix this issue (cleaning the cogs and sensor inside the motor), and had a go at it. I got the wiper arms off, all the plastic coverings, the heat shield and all the bolts off the linkage. But I got stuck at the final hurdle, a weird connection at the bottom of the assembly pretty much directly under the motor, connected to the body of the car. It was holding the whole assembly in, but it is not a standard 10mm bolt like every other one. I could only just get a hand under it to feel what it was (can't see it) and it felt like a flat disc of metal (or plastic?). Sadly I forgot to take a picture, but I have found a picture of the linkage and I THINK it was the bit circled in red here: - can't post pictures/links yet :(

Does anyone know what this is and how to remove it? I got so close but then had to put it all back together again with no result. Or if anyone had any trouble with any bit of the linkage connected to the body of the car that wasn't a bolt! As there can only be one thing :)

Thanks in advance!
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