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Having been one of the most expensive insurers out there, I never thought I'd be saying this but More Than Quoted me Happy!

Last year I was with LV and great they have been but last year my insurance on my Type S was £430 with 12 years no claims and no convictions + 1 no fault accident - hit from behind, no claim to my insurance, full payout on theirs. 44 years old. They were the cheapest quote.

I was dreading this year's quote as according to the annoying confused.com tv advert "this year car insurance is dear...."

Anyway looked on Compare the Market (as I always do) and the lowest quote I got was £244 (!) from Quote me Happy.

As I found out this was Aviva under a different name, I avoided going with them because of the reported No Claims Bonus Issues.

Next up was Swift Cover and then More Than. As I'd been with More Than before, I picked them @ £258.

Ok quote wasn't quite as good as it seemed as by the time you added in Legal Protection, Protected No Claims, Courtesy Car etc it came back up to £322 (but it was the same on all the quotes regarding extras anyway).

However, that was still a full £100 cheaper than my LV renewal which was £422.

So quite a happy guy.

I just wish you didn't have to add everything in as extras!

I also have to wonder at LV's rational. This time last year they had both my House and Car Insurance. My house I've only ever had 2 claims in over 30 years - both for storm damage. So they've let go an almost sure thing and now they have neither and I've saved over £200 on the two policies. You'd think when they were the cheapest before and had good customers they'd do more to retain them.
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