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Not that I ever had much doubt (16K miles on the clock), but my CTR passed her first MOT yesterday. Nice to have gotten through it without any issues. Surprisingly thing is that:

*my original Bridegstones have 6/7mm left all around
*brake pads 50% worn

I give her the beans every now and again and don't hang about when on the road; so very reasonable running costs, aside from the dastardly VED tax disc (£270 this year!)

9G test drive:

Whilst waiting for the service/MOT to be completed, I took a 1.8 9G out on a test drive. 140bhp certainly doesn't feel like a lot, let me tell you! Pretty gutless in fact, I can only shiver at the thought of how under-powered the 1.4 must be...Didn't get the chance to test drive the current 2.2 diesel...CTR spoils me and that's without considering the race cam performance when the V-tec kicks in, much more low down shove from the CTR than the 1.8 9G.

Looks - 9G still doesn't do it for me, inside or outside the cabin; perhaps it'll grow on me, but for now I'm not convinced.

9G Type R:

Garage rep is convinced that Honda is set to release a turbo-charged version, just don't expect the power figures to be materially increased...likely to be hovering around the 200bhp mark (again!)


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