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Ive read a couple of threads on car radios spitting...has anyone had experience of car radio issues.

My car stereo on CD mode is giving out intense spitting noises like the interference suppressors arent working or something...the sounds for the CD starts juttering on an off with the spit spit

Whats more frustrating is the unit is switching itself on and off again with, over and over.
Its obviously only doing it with the ignition on...

Anyone have any ideas or experience...Ill have the unit out next year and will have it looked at but a heads up what to look for would be ideal.

Thanks in advance!


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I have this same issue, was wondering if you ever got a fix for it or if anyone else knows a solution. The one I keep coming up with is replacing the head unit but seems like a lot of work and quite expensive so want to explore any easy solutions before I head down this route.

Thanks in advance. Baz
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