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So i have had my civic for 2,5 weeks now. And have driven about 700km.

First of all, i come from VW, what i like about the civic is just how relaxing it feels. with the stick higher up then in VW, and also i feel that taking a curve in 80 on road and meeting a truck i feel more "secure" and that the steering is easier/lighter if you get me right.. It's more "fun" on the country road i guess you can say

Also, for some reason it's alot easier to get straight in the parking lot, then my old Golf.

The crusecontrol and plus/minus on the steeringwheel is really smart (VW has that to on the new golf, but the old had it on the left lever).

Hill hold assist is something that i'm not really used to yet, but im getting there and ofcourse its a good thing but the first days i was just *** was there something infront of my car?.

Can't really say anything about noise sounds about the same to me, (alot quiter then my older golf 4) but if i compare it to a golf 6 it's about the same.

The side door bins is a good side, plus they are not covered with filt, yes it makes the golf feels nice but what if it gets wet?

Also the smart seats was great when i bought some flowers, cause in there i have rubber matress so i could have them on the floor... Really good

i do 6,7/100km so thats good to

You can see on your sides can't belive im writing that as a positive thing but many "new" cars i have tried has had a giant split in the window and then that split and the mirror and the sidepillar al goes togheter so you have a giant blinde spot, makes it tricky to see on your sides.

Bad things so far

is not really bad things but things are a little bit different from VW, like the oiltemperature im used to have it always straight in the midle on a honda its a little bit under the middle..

Handbrake on the rightside, but i guess i should be happy there is one (many has followed Opel Astras way of getting a button instead, I don't like that).

Rearvisability isn't good.. But that's a new thing on every new car, they suck on that so they must sell them with a camera or sensors just so they can earn some more cash.

Buttons, at first there seems to be a little much but i have got used to them, and in away im happy that they are there, if something brake it's easier just to replace a button and tell whats wrong then if you have a screen..

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A very good review especially as you've come from a Golf and can post the differences/preferences.

I recently purchased my last Auto Express where they did a side by side review and included a Seat in the triple line up.

As expected VAG came top and what amazed me was the statement that the dash's were better on both VAG models when the photos clearly proved otherwise. The Golf and Leon looked so sparse and boring.

I have made a resolution never to buy AA again as they are too biased.

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Great review mate :like:

Kremmen I have always thought there were too many back handers going on with manufacturers and the motoring press, anyone who watched the Rolls Royce program the other night could see how the journo's are treated...like kings.
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