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I've had my Coupe for 6 years now. When I bought it I was 19 and into all my bodykit, big wheels and such, when I saw this car up for sale I just had to have it. It'd just been completed by Carlton Motorsport as a demo car but the owner of the car had decided to change jobs so needed a van, his loss and my gain :D

I'll not bother you all with the pictures of how it was when I bought it and the changes I made, I'll start with how it looked before it went in for its latest overhaul. I don't expect people to love it like me, prehaps you won't even like it, but opinions are welcomed and encouraged ;)

The plans to completely change the styling had been in the pipe line for a while but I was given an unexpected nudge when my oil pump failed and took the big end and crank with it :( Well every cloud has a silver lining. A replacement D16Y8 engine was waiting to go in until I have the time to build up a B series engine.

The front bumper had to be removed because of how low it was, but we got it on in the end...

It got taken down to the bodyshop where it's been for the last number of months, in with a decent group at least....

The work begun on stripping and swapping the parts over...

Old to new wheels...


The wheel arches needed rolling for the deep dish wheels...

Once all parts had been checked for lining up I stripped it down...

Once stripped down it had a thorough checking over for any dents, scratches, imperfections were corrected. I also did a semi smooth of the engine bay including the front slam panel and front suspension mounts. I was going to do a full smooth over, welding every hole etc but decided to do this at a later date when the next engine goes in. The aerial was removed and smoothed and the boot lid was debadged and smoothed as well.

It was primered after all the filling and smoothing...

It went in for spray a couple of weeks back. After a lot of thinking I decided to go with Gran Prix white. It'd been a colour I'd liked for a while and I saw it on a S2000 at JapFest 1 and it made my mind up.

Shiny bits for the engine bay...

So thats how it was when I last saw it, its had the bumpers put on this week and been buffed and polished. Left on the list of things to do is:

  • Refit the Skunk2 coilovers following the repowdercoating of the springs and the delivery of the Skunk2 Rear LCA's from the US
  • Finish cleaning up the summer wheels (although not long left to enjoy them)
  • Finish the semi wire tuck of the wiring loom in the bay
  • Finish cleaning up the Y8 engine
  • Drop the engine in
  • MOT & Tax
Not much left then! I'll get some pics up of it all back together as soon as I have them.

Hope you've enjoyed having a look through, as said at the beginning all comments and opinions are welcomed ;)

The flying Dutchman
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hell of a project! keep it up!

Cockup Specialist
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Nice work....
...I liked the first photo :worms:

Just love the track prepared look.
Will be interesting to see how well this looks after its finished.

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Looking alot better after that kit and those head & rearlights are gone.

As coste1l has already said keep us updated, I like these types of thread :)
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