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Whilst I'm around looking for a civic I thought I'd pop my car in here
Only things done are bits I can easily take off if I need to
More on https://goo.gl/gn8D65
Mugen and password jdm bits and pieces in the engine bay and mugen pedals inside
Painted the calipers, stripes, ivtec stickers on the side to give it that American feel
And of course the mudflaps
Need to respray them though as a bit of the original red is showing through
Led sidelights and interior lights
Used to have some spotlight DRLs up front but the only lights that aren't original are now the blue door lights
Always been serviced at honda but when bits are due I'll start doing them


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I quite like the outside of the latest Mk3 Jazz and the footprint would be ideal for me.

If only they would make the inside more interesting with a proper raised centre console and Civic 8 or 9G style dash then I would consider one.

Plus of course upgrade the CVT so the reviewers stop calling it unrefined.
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