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As well as my FN2, I've also got a mint condition Civic Aerodeck in my garage. Being a 1.6ES model, this came with all the toys including full leather interior. It's actually my late wife's car, who was also a huge honda fan. She bought it over 11 years ago, and it was her baby. She spent a lot on modding it to how she wanted it, and after she passed away in 2013, I decided that I'd never sell it, and would slowly turn it into a show car.
The mods are as follows....
VTiS front lip
OEM front fogs (car went into honda to have these fitted, and were bought from the original accessory catalogue.)
OEM sunroof wind deflector
VTiS rear boot spoiler
OEM headlight protectors

16in cades deep dished alloys
Full MeisterR Zeta S coilover suspension 35mm drop
EBC brake discs
Brake calipers all machined smooth then sprayed blue
Full custom leather retrim by Transcal UK in black nappa and ink blue, with electric blue stitching. Also has the Honda "H" embroidered into the front seats in electric blue
Honda Integra DC2 Mono steering wheel, retrimmed by Transcal Uk in black nappa/ink blue leather, with electric blue stitching
Stainless steel detailing added to dashboard and heater control surrounds.
Pioneer DAB/MP3/USB/CD head unit
OEM Honda boot tray fitted.
Thatcham cat 1 alarm/immobiliser with ultrasonic sensors etc

Cat back Power flow custom made exhaust
Engine mods limited to following dress up items:
Custom rocker cover
Mugen anodized blue oil filler cap
PWJDM anodized blue low profile fender bolts
PWJDM anodized blue radiator bracket
Anodized blue air con radiator bracket
Samco blue radiator hoses
Blue bonnet stay

The wheels were bought before my wife turned ill, and were the ones she'd been looking for for years. Unfortunately, she never got to see them or the suspension fitted to the car before she passed away due to cancer.
The build on this car is a true labour of love, and one that I totally enjoy. She has a mega low mileage of 67 thousand, full history from new and just two family owned from new (both husband then wife, then wife then husband) . Although the paintwork is all original and relatively flawless bar the odd stone chip, future plans include a full respray to make her perfect.
Future plans are:
Full detailing underneath including suspension/chassis parts powder coated blue
More detailing in engine bay including stainless manifold and a lot of chrome plating/polishing
Possible double din dash conversion ( major job on these and will have to be custom done)(parts needed for this already bought)
Speaker upgrades
Light smoke tint to windows
The respray which will either be original colour, or looking at custom metalflake blue.

Here's a wee pic of how she currently stands
Dawns_civic_aerodeck meisterR_1.jpg
Dawns_civic_aerodeck (8)dawns_civic_aerodeck.jpg
Dawns_civic_aerodeck (9)dawns_civic_aerodeck.jpg
Dawns_civic_aerodeck (4)dawns_civic_aerodeck.jpg
Dawns_civic_aerodeck (6)dawns_civic_aerodeck.jpg
Dawns_civic_aerodeck (20)dawns_civic_aerodeck.jpg
Dawns_civic_aerodeck (15)dawns_civic_aerodeck.jpg
Dawns_civic_aerodeck (25)dawns_civic_aerodeck.jpg

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Lovely car, a credit to you both.
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Thanks mate. Its been well pampered since the day we got it, and has never had anything go wrong with it at all. So due to not having to spend money on repairs, my wife splashed out on modding it. So I'm just carrying on where she left off. Its usually off the road during winter, in the garage covered up with a custom fit car cover that cost £250! But with the fn2 being in the dealers for repairs, she's been called into duty. Actually love driving her, still drives like brand new!

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Not done much lately to the deck, other than take her on the Civic5 crazzzydawn memorial run to St Marys Loch in Scotland. She drove perfectly on the run, although I found with the single track roads we were travelling on being really undulating, she was sometimes grounding the front under tray. So at our first stop for a photoshop, I quickly adjusted the stiffness of the front and rear suspension to make it stiffer, which solved the problem. Big turn out for the meet, with a lot of really sweet civic M's attending (14 cars in total, many coming up from as far away as Grimsby!)
Dawns deck got a lot of attention, which is always nice.

So, what's been done lately? Well, she did have a temp rocker cover fitted for Japfest2 last year, which was painted purple. I bought it already painted, but was never happy with the paint finish (or colour!) but bit was better than the standard one! I have now stripped the standard one, sanded it, then metal polished the "Honda" lettering. There were also seams which sat proud (a result of them casting the casing) which I machined smooth, so the overall look would be a lot cleaner. I have resprayed it in the same colour as the car (Orleans blue mica) and its now fitted, but dont have any fitted pics yet! Here it is straight out of the oven though! Hope you like! The lettering is still masked at this point though, but was really pleased with how it turned out. The lettering looks chrome, which is the effect I was after. Will get photos of it fitted (with all new bolts from Honda and a new rocker Gasket. £58 for 5 bloody bolts!!!) but she's looking good!

Have also just bought a full hose set in blue (by Heavy Set) which replaces all hoses in the engine bay. Will be fitting these very soon!
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