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Hi, Just thought i'd show you guys my 1.4 i-VTEC. I've owned the car around 3 months and love it ! Really nippy car for a 20 year old :) You can probably see the obvious mods i have done.

Others are:

- Superchip from 100BHP to 125BHP (feels much more!)
- Full Milltek exhaust system
- HKS suction reloaded
- Custom engine cover
- Team Heko wind deflectors
- BBS 18" alloy wheels
- Type R wing/spoiler
- 55w HID kit 6000k
- Solarplexius window tints
- Spyvisioned all lights (will upload a picture soon-looks great)

Here she is:

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Do you know what, I really like that... really smart! anymore pictures?
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