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Hi All,

I've been loitering just outside for a while but with the cold I thought I'd come in to warm up and introduce myself!

Based on the Northamptonshire/Leicestershire border I've had my Civic for just over a year now and I love it, even with the occasional blip.

I've had several Peugeots over the years (309Gti, 2x405s, 2x 307SWs) a couple of MkII Golfs, a couple of classic Minis and a Hyundai Accent!

My path turned away from all of that after I got T-boned by a Ford Focus on the way home from work,
and when the insurance paid out I decided to plump for something better, and I'm so glad I did.

I found a 2.2 EX in Black, the Full Leather and 18" alloys tugged at my heart strings which lead to a bit of a silly purchase, I wish I'd waited and gone for lower mileage.

After a wash and polish

So I have plans...

Firstly I plan to keep it until it's uneconomical to repair, so this is going to be a long term project car.

First is getting it reliable, I've already replaced the clutch and flywheel, and two major services under the belt I've also replaced the drop links and front disc pads.

I plan to overhaul the suspension, upgrading all bushes and fitting a lowering kit. I also have plans to eventually fit a Type R bodykit, though that isn't high on my wishlist, actually quite happy with the standard looks.

I do hope I can sort out the paintwork and little bits of bodywork that mar the overall look.

Currently getting 47mpg averaged over 20k now, so hoping I can eke out a few more MPG through savvy modifications...we'll see.

Thanks for reading my little autobography, hope it wasn't too much of a yawnfest. Oh and I also ride a Motorbike (hence the name - VeeTwin - don't ask about the perv bit) ;)

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Hello mate & welcome to Civinfo

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hi and welcome . had 2 309 gtis myself great fun to drive very underated cars .wish had kept one to use at weekends.my type r is nearest car i have had thats as much fun to drive.
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