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Hi All

Well had a test drive today of the new Type R:D

First the car was a NHB GT which looked really :cool: even the back end looked ok.

First impression inside definitely a good place to be seats are great (I like really firm
seats anyway) steering wheel good as well, now lets get rid of myth No 1
a few people have said in reviews on the net that they cant see the speedo
and the rev counter well at the same time B0ll0ck5 is the answer to that ,you
CAN! Adjust the wheel and Seat.

Gear stick although slightly lower is still excellent, changes very easily, very smooth
indeed. Now for myth No 2 in a lot of reviews people have moaned about the rear
spoiler some people even claiming it would stop you seeing vehicles behind you
the answer yes you guessed right B0ll0ck5 possibly a car 500 yards behind
you would be covered by the spoiler.:D

Driving along the cars picks up well and is really smooth and a lot quieter than the EP3.
Onto the motorway acceleration is very good like the current model but a lot
quieter in the cabin but a great noise from the car as it accelerates. Now for myth
No 3 when you go into vtec some reviews have said you cant tell when you
go into vtec yes you have guessed again B0ll0ck5 you can still feel it
not as much as EP3 but you will still know its happened
and the car sounds even better then.

Pushing it hard on the motorway seemed as quick as my EP3
which is standard in fact mid range it may be slightly quicker.

Went off the motorway onto a nice little bit of road with some
nice (tight) bends the handling is great pushed it along quite
hard never felt in any doubt about the car staying on its side
of the road it was also a lot smother than the EP3.

Back to the motorway heading down slip road sales guy
said give it some stick so I did, passed a Milano Red CTR
hoped they would have chased me, they didn’t pity
anyway had to slow down because before I joined
the motorway things were hot! SPEED wise if you get my meaning.

So folk that’s it, would I buy one YES !!!!

It may not be the fastest, the most powerful, the
quickest accelerating but in a 20 min drive it
certainly drew plenty of attention from other drivers,
it looks good, it performs well it sounds fantastic and
because it really is a lot smoother you have to WATCH
that speedo and it’s FUN to drive. Plus you have that
wonderful HONDA engine.

When I jumped back in the EP3 it seemed very noisy,
and old fashioned but its still quick and good fun to
drive as well, will probably get a new Type R not at
the moment but I recommend the new car as a
good buy so if you have bought one enjoy it
and don’t worry about the negative views.


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Thanks for the exciting review, sounds great.:)
Nice to hear someone put some fallacies to rest.

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Thanks for the review Rab, I can only echo your words, test drive was so good went back to the showroom and placed my order for nhb type r-gt I wish Sept would hurry up, could have got it mid august but am in USA then.
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