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Hi folks, been a member since January and only just got round to making a thread, I've posted pictures here and there.

Bought my 2011 civic with 500 miles on the clock, planned to keep it stock (like most people) but then found this place so lot's has been done since :D

Day I bought it:

Received my sticker shortly after:

Next I ordered some new plates, mainly because the dealer plates looked horrid:

Then I went on an eBay spree and bought a refurbed Skunk2 gear knob, Honda dust caps and a Mugen tax disc holder.

Wanted one of the metal plates above the gear stick but all were gone so went with the vinyl instead, I think it looks good enough!

Had a few weeks off due to uni exams but was soon back doing stuff. Painted my front brake calipers red:

I've done a third layer since.

Ordered one of the rear black vinyl's from SumoPower, looked good at first but over night it went all bubbly and peeled so I removed it: (Ignore my greyhaired helper ;)) also added the black vinyl the to the Type badge:

Next came the window tints! Tinted the rear window and both rear quarter windows with 20%

Been wanting full GP Kit for a while and when the front one came on offer from Cox's already colour coded I couldn't resist!

Really impressed with it, goes nicely with Urban Titanium.

Next was my wheels, I hummed long and hard about what wheels I wanted, rages, blades, buddys, lots! Then my friend messaged me about selling his 18'' BBS wheels. Couldn't really say no could I?

Went down the beach with my friend in his civic and got some good pictures:

Also got new bulbs for all lights from MrJP

Next: - Heko Wind Deflectors
- Rear GP splitter
- Type R wing
- Lowered 15mm and FRS



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looks good buddy, your sure there 19"? look like 17" to me eitherway they look good

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Looking nice mate, deffo get it lowered asap and get rid of that gap. Black splitter and wheels are oozing with win :)

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very nice :)

i like the type s decal!
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