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Good day!

Honda Civic 5D executive 1.8 (2006)
sat nav version glass roof and etc.

i have one problem

NAVI display went dark... (like brightness was set to minimum)
and at the same time
aux in - Dension box installed - no connection
navigation voice - lost
bluetooth - lost

brightness button , day / night, max / min - no effect
lose connector (a took apart everything twice !) - main radio unit, display, navi dvd all tested - non found !
re-soldered main radio unit pins, did not help.
tried to erase everything, put back old original navi DVD. same problem. new org DVD update - same thing
fuses - all ok !

if i unplug battery "+" for a while and then put it back, everything works for 1-3 times and then again problem repeats

Return+Menu+MAP on radio unit will bring system diagnostics check that brings =

navi ECU. - no connection to display and radio unit

where is Navi ECU located ? inside glove box DVD Nav drive or inside radio head unit ?

it's ether something is dying inside navi/radio unit or broken connection wire between units.
to trace wire i need to know where is Navi ECU )))

or any other ideas ?
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