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I have a really important question and I really hope someone can help me.
I'm searching for a 'vacuum hose diagram' for my Honda Civic because
someone (a friend who said he would fix my car) has messed up
whole the vacuum hose route.
The only problem is, I can't find this 'diagram'.. NOWHERE!!

I've tried hundred times to attach the vacuum hoses myself,
but it's really to difficult.
Even my honda dealer doesn't know how to connect the vacuum hoses..
(EGR, turbo, EVRV)... It's just to much..

My Honda dealer says that this engine is rare and he could not find any info.
The engine has been made in the UK so that's the reason why
Europe and USA can't help me with my problem.

Please tell me you can fix a diagram or a good report how to fix this problem???
I'm really desperate..

Thanks in front!!

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Hi there,
The 1.7 diesel engine - fitted to the Civic - was manufactured by Isuzu and is also fitted to some Opel cars which will be familiar to you in Belgium. If your English is up to it you might also find a repair manual useful...they are not expensive...take a look here:
Honda Civic owners workshop manual [Book]

Good luck!
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