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Hi all,

Just an update of what we have been up to here at Funk.

With the launch of our brand new website in the next few weeks we have expanded our product range to give you a variety of new heat management product from us here at Funk.

A few new additions to the range...

  • Sensor Protection
  • Starter Protection
  • Induction cool tube covers
  • Gold Adhesive Sheeting
  • T2 Turbo Blankets
  • T3 Turbo Blankets
  • T3/4 Turbo Blankets
  • T6 Turbo Blankets
  • T25/T28 Special Order Modified Turbo Blankets
  • Ko3/Ko4 Turbo Blankets
  • BMW Turbo Blankets
  • Subaru Turbo Blankets

A couple of shots of some of the products in the range...

With an ever growing range of products, we are here for all of your heat management needs. Special offers also available to forum members on larger orders.

Any questions or if you need help with anything at all, don't hesitate to drop us a PM.


Steve @ Funk

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