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New Aluminium Petrol Lid Question

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I'm considering getting my alloys done in gun metal grey then obviously powder coating the door handles and petrol lid to match.

But if I was to get the genuine Honda aluminium petrol lid as seen here:

Genuine Honda Civic Type-R Aluminium Sports Tank Lid [08F59SMG600] - £70.93 : Cox Motor Parts Direct - Genuine Honda Brakes Clutches & Accessories

How would I go about getting that coloured? Could it just be done at the same time as the door handles or does being a different material make this more tricky?

Cheers :)
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It's fully possible to powder coat aluminium so can't see why this couldn't be done at the same time.

Every time I see one of those caps I want one.
Cool, thanks! I wasn't sure and wouldn't buy the thing if it was gonna cause a problem so good to know I was worrying about nothing. :lol:

It is pretty nice looking isn't it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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