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Im new to the type R world only bought my Civic 3 weeks ago and already have a load of questions.
I am looking for some HID lights (including side lights) for my car. When i bought it i thought they would have had a better/stronger lights fitted, so i am looking to upgrade.
I am not the most mechanicly minded and wont be trying to be a hero and do this myself.
I need advice on what to buy, i dont want anything in your face blue or anything to chavy!! Lol
Where shall i buy them from? How much will it cost to be fitted? How much will they be to buy? What kind do i need, is it just a buld or a full kit?

Sorry if these are obvious questions but im looking to learn and heard this is the place to come!


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I've got his led side, number plate and reversing lights. Absolutely simple to fit and jp is great to deal with!

If your not keen on fitting the HiD kit he does upgraded head light normal bulbs that give similar looks HID and brighter than normal

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