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Had my new Civic 1.8ES for a little while now (replaced 1.8ES 8th Gen 5 Door), so almost the same Spec.

Here are my personal comments so far:

The +ve's:

1) Rides better with more complaint suspension.

2) Better Build quality, feels more solid (no Dashboard Rattles!)

3) Has USB Connection (iPod works from Steering Wheel Controls).

4) Better Dashboard Display. Reflections reduced.

5) Gearbox and gear changes more Precise.

6) Boot Space improved.

7) Now has a Reversing Camera (Brilliant).

8) Door Mirrors will Fold in, and Windows will shut from Key Fob on Locking - Door Mirrors Fold out on unlocking and Opening Drivers Door.

9) Cheaper Road Fund Lincence (£130 against £165) and no increase in Insurance (may even be Cheaper!).

The - ve's:

1) No Panoramic Glass Roof anymore.

2) No Sill Protectors anymore.

3) Still got Puncture Repair Kit (Often useless) - Have Spacesaver so OK for me.

4) Preferred the (Fold in) 8th Gen Wiper System.

5) No Ali Foot rest anymore (to match pedals).

These are my personal opinions having run the 8th Gen 1.8ES for 4.5 years.

No doubt others will have different thoughts and opinions.

My verdict so far - much improved, still advanced in Dashboard layout - Time will decide how much better!!


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Looks very nice had a look at one at Honda today agree dashboard looks better than the 8th gen

enjoy :)

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I like it a lot but the blue does make the wheel arches stand out a fair bit. :thumbsup:
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