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So the Nissan Micra as reliable as she was, was getting a bit long in the tooth and wanted something a little more modern, reliable and different as a daily..

Meet Xena, a 2012 CRZ Sport IMA la de da, also known in the household as "Tiny car" - because I always seem to fall for small cars when it comes to commuting and daily pottering about.

Bought her from Vertu Boston Honda, which I have to say, was an amazing dealer to deal with.

Sure, Xena is not up to my "clean standards" and will require some detailing and bits and bobs done to her to bring her up to scratch, but the drive from Boston to my hometown of +2hrs was a pleasure..

Love the fact that she is comfortable, yet firm. Also, seem to be pretty scarce - not seen one on the road yet - and I have been looking out for them for over a week now. Tracking needs doing - which I will get on with next week - Honda said they would cover the cost of this, very good of them.
Will need the ambient lighting, as every Honda I have owned has had this - so this will be no exception. Other than that, she will remain as is :grin2:
I'll attach some pics on a separate thread, as I took these with my phone which I don't have on me right now..
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