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Hi guys, first post here so forgive me if I've posted in the wrong place.

My 06 Civic has front foggies but unfortunately whatever muppet previously owned it has burnt the fog light housing reflectors, so they look brown near the bulbs, and you can see where the (plastic?) has bubbled and melted. The fog lights themselves are fine and seem to work well, but cleaning the reflectors isn't possible and they look really grotty.

Does anyone have any recommendations for new or used housings (perspex front and black plastic unit that houses the reflector and bulbs)? Or if you have any spares that are in decent nick, let me know and I'll be happy to buy them off you - I'm poor lol, thanks petrol prices. Thanks very much
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Ps: attached a pic that (barely) shows the problem. I took them apart today since I had to repair the front bumper (definitely didn't drive it into a ditch at 5mph... Not at all). At least they're relatively easy to get to:)
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