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I found new issue on europa consumer affairs

Year - Week No.
2009 - 44 1
Ref. Notifying country
1448/09 Germany

Category: Motor vehicles
Product: Passenger car - Civic

Brand: Honda
Type/number of model: Honda Civic, type FK2, EC type approval e11*2001/116*0256*00

Description: The vehicles concerned were built in 2009 and have the following vehicle identification numbers: SHHFK27809U014315, SHHFK28809U016051.
The action is being implemented by the manufacturer under the code 5SW.

Country of origin: United Kingdom

No picture available


The product poses a risk of injuries because three weld spots are missing from the front wing and this may alter the crash behaviour in the event of an accident.

Measures adopted by notifying country
Voluntary corrective actions taken by the importer.

Products were found and measures were taken also in:
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