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I was looking for a new blank key to have cut and then program it myself.

On eBay, I found an uncut key for £17 delivered, which seems reasonable to say the least ( New Uncut Remote Car Key Fob 3 Button 433Mhz ID46 for Euro Honda Accord Civic | eBay ).

My question is will the boot release work with my car if the current keys I have don't have the button (all they have is lock/unlock), however when I took one of the keys apart, they have a space for three circular buttons, the third likely being for the boot-release, and then there's a long, thin 4th button which I have no idea what that'd be for... Anyone hot any ideas about either of those questions?

Thanks in advance.

Oh and I think I have a picture of my taken apart key which will show the 'blanked out' button(s) which I'll post if I can figure out how while I'm at work, if not, I'll post it tonight when I get home.



I had another look on ebay and managed to find a similar key with the lock, unlock and a red 'panic' button, but no idea what that'd do? Though actually, it might set your alarm off maybe?

( http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-Buttons-Remote-Key-with-Chip-ID46-433-MHz-for-Honda-Accord-FIT-Civic-Odyssey-/131802848822?roken=cUgayN )
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