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Might be the wrong place for this ,
Am a new member so apologies.

Need advise on upgrading the head Unit (Stereo/Radio) as it’s limited to android 4.0.4. , also it’s a NAV unit.
Car is a MK9 / FK2 / UK SR spec with premium audio
Believe the unit I have is this as it looks the same as is build around the same year.
HEAD UNIT 39100-TV-E61-M1

I believe I require the below.
Only things I have found are the below
Honda 2012> car with original NAV radio replacement and amplifier interface - InCarTec
To retain origin camera:

Can any one confirm if this is correct or if their is a better alternative


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Do a search - lots of threads on here regarding the Android head unit

Short version is that there's nothing that will retain all OEM functionality

Also be aware that the ANdroid unit is fitted to facelift models only, previously a Honda / Alpine unit was used that will probably be different wiring wise
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