Mileage:70000 M
Trim:ES, EX, EX GT
Hi all, brand new member here, I'm looking for my first entry into the world of Honda.

So the ULEZ expansion has crept up on me, and I now need to replace my Golf TDI MK4 fairly urgently 🙄 After looking around, I reckon an 8th gen Civic is probably the best compromise of economy, performance, handling and boot space for my work kit.

Ideally I'm looking for:
1.8 litre engine
Manual gearbox
5 door
Cruise control
Decent service history (self serviced is fine)
Under £4k
Under 90k miles

Vaguely based around London/South East England, but I'll travel to the Midlands if needed.

Rear sensors or camera, sunroof and leather seats are all 'nice to haves', but not deal breakers. Same for colour - black, blue or dark grey are my preferences but tbh I need to sort out a car, so at this point choice of colour seems a little frivolous.

Let me know what you've got and what you're asking for it please.

Hopefully I've followed the guidelines 🤞 Please let me know if I'm doing it wrong!

Thanks 👍