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Londoner with a Greek background who uses my Civic 2007 for daily commuting into the Congestion Zone. Really impressed by this forum and its
members' comments. Honda is on to a winner here but agree that a lot of improvements will create a great facelift/Mk 2 Civic. Chose the manual gearbox so am changing gears a lot to negotiate the 25 speed humps I encounter every day! London road surfaces are apalling and Civic can't soak up the pounding.

Biggest improvements for me would be better ride/handling using wider track, thicker roll bars, better shock absorbers and more sympathetic suspension bushes. Honda has never been able to engineer a controlled amount of fore-aft wheel movement into it's cars when a wheel hits a bump or pothole.
There is no suppleness and the car rolls too much.

Also agree that a higher quality horn is needed urgently.

Have parking sensors, space saver spare and bluetooth fitted.
Beige leather interior is classy and one of the main reasons I purchased the car over a Golf. Previous vehicle was 2002 Mini Cooper.
Tyres are 205/55-16 Bridgestones but am not happy with them. Have done nearly 5000 miles in first year.

Look forward to hearing from other members.

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Welcome to Civinfo deej:)

The Civics certainly do have "character" I agree with your comments about the suspension. I find the handling quite sharp but I do aagree about the roll, particularly at high(er) speeds.

Your in the right place for advice anyhow;)
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