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Hi guys,

Recently picked up a 2008 Milano Red FN2. Back with a 'Red H', previously having a UK DC2 a few years ago.

Found the forum useful when I was looking at cars, especially the buying guide, so thought I'd sign up and join in!

Love the car, low mileage for the age, and got a great deal, but needs some cosmetic TLC.. I work in custom paint (Helmets) and next to the unit I work out of, is a body shop, so it will soon be back to as good as new!
It is mechanically sound, and the interior is in really good condition, considering the age.

Planning to do the following in the coming weeks: (May do a thread/ progress thread)

*Paintwork - Was going to originally going to paint bonnet and wings (Mostly stone chip damage) but noticed some damage on the doors so may as well paint the whole thing whilst its in the booth :laugh2:
*Wheel Refurb - All 4 wheel have been introduced to some curbs over time, so full refurb, and probably a colour change to Porsche Satin Platinum
*New tyres
*4 wheel alignment/ setup
*Tidy up the interior - New gear gaiter, LED interior lights and a full clean of the interior
*Some exterior parts, such as new badges, replace the SOD modules in both mirrors, paint the rocker covers and the callipers

Would also like to in time:

*Wheel spacers, on the rear especially
*Double DIN screen
*Carbon interior panels
*Induction kit
*Maybe some more carbon somewhere :grin2:

May create a thread on the mini project, but look forward to interacting over the forums on the site..

Cheers, Liam
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