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Hello all, New owner of FN2 Gt in Milan Red. 2007 with 125k on the clock. Car had tons of common faults when purchased. I love a good
( doable ) challenge.

I’ll admit I never really liked the FN2 shape. Always preferred the Ep3 but now it’s grown on me. I also hated Milan red.

Only owned for a few weeks and it’s joyful to drive. This beats my Z4 for sheer fun factor. Well main reason would be coz the Z4 breaks down every 300 yards.

Looking forwards to interacting with this forum, Iv always joined relating forums to cars I drive/own.

Current known faults:
Boot leak
Slow seat belts
Folding mirrors
Oil leak
Missing trim
Old battery
Nasty mis Mach tyres
Cracked screen
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