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Hi guys.
Yesterday I have drawn a few variants of how I want to make my rear brake lights. I want to hear your opinions and remarks to be defined with a variant and to start manufacturing.

Var 1

Note: Simple form which I saw at least on 2 cars

Var 2

Note: Can't solve to myself it is nise or ugly

Var 3

Note:I like it

Var 4

Note:Idea was taken from Lamborghini Avendator

Var 5

Note:I like it

Var 6

Note: Audi Style ))

Var 7

Note: looks like VW Golf. Think that it's not what I want

Var 8

Note:simple lines

Var 9

Note:lines var.2

Var 10

Note:lines var.3

Var 11

Note:Funny, but looks like tuning

Var 12

Note: Classic "H" theme

P.S. Sorry if I chose wrong directory to create thread

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i did not notice diff at first . i like the lambo one lol and 2, 9 and 12

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1, 6 & 9 [smilie=coolup.gif]

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