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Evening everybody,

Changed my rear axle over the weekend and figured while I'm doing that I'll get some new bearings too as I'll have everything off anyway.

Checked the part number online and ordered from eBay. When I came to fit they went on perfectly, but I could not get the brake disc back on for love nor money. Thought the stud spacing was off, but if I flipped the disc and tried it the wrong way it went straight on. After a lot of confused comparing of the new bearing to the old ones it turns out the actual round plate with the studs on was a couple of mm larger in diameter on the new ones and wasn't fitting inside the brake disc.

I've checked the part number printed on the new bearings and it looks correct for my 2007 2.2, 42200-SMG-G51. I've messaged the seller to sort a return/replacement but they seem dubious about my claim as the part number matches what should fit.. As I guess I would be to.
I've offered to send photos of both bearings against a ruler or tape to show the difference.

Just wondered if anyone here had replaced their bearings with OEM parts and ran into this issue or knew if the part number changed at some point? At first I thought maybe my discs were the issue, it presumably they wouldn't fit over the factory bearing?
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