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Hello to all in Civicland.
I've had a look round the forum and it looks pretty good.

Had my 57 plate 1.8 SE petrol now for a couple of weeks and generally I am delighted with it.

Bonkers dash, exterior style, MP3 disc player, magic seats, roomy interior, drop down luggage space, etc.........

One issue is spoiling the whole thing. Climate control.

Shortly, I'll post a detailed question in 'bugs, faults and irritations' so if there is anyone out there can help I'd be grateful.

Car is scheduled to go back to the main dealer where I bought it from next week to have this issue looked at so the more knowledge I have the more seriously they will take my complaint.

At present the dealer could not be more accommodating and I have every confidence in them.

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hello & welcome :)
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