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McLaren 570S Coupé​
The New York motor show has given us new supercars, SUVs and concepts galore - here's our look at the best on displayPicking a single theme from the 2015 New York motor show is difficult, but one word keeps springing to mind: definition.

Brands at the show all seemed to be on a mission to define themselves, and their offerings. McLaren showed off the first entry in its new Sports Series, the 570S, and thus defined itself as a three-tier sports car maker with global ambitions.

Land Rover further defined its SVO brand, bringing the super-luxury Range Rover SVAutobiography to market and likely worrying rivals from Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Mercedes-Maybach.

Elsewhere, US-centric brands like Lincoln and Cadillac defined their luxury offerings, with Cadillac unveiling its new S-Class rival, the CT6, and Lincoln showing off a concept version of the upcoming Continental.

Plus we had the new Porsche Boxster Spyder, the lightest and most powerful version of the car ever made, Kia's new Optima, the Lexus RX SUV and a conceptual version of the next Honda Civic.

Here are some of our star cars from the New York motor show.

Lincoln Continental - Hilton Holloway

This concept is a world away from the sharp-edged homages to the classic 1961 Lincoln Continental that marked previous attempts to re-invent the brand. It’s a lush, unashamed and heavily chromed attempt at reflecting first class travel in a car, but the production car has to deliver on this promise.

Cadillac CT6 - Matt Burt

Cadillac says its cars must be bold and expressive, and the CT6 certainly fulfils that. I'll have mine as a 400bhp twin-turbo, 3.0-litre V6 please, although I'll need parking sensors because at 5184mm long it looks like an absolute beast to park. Not convinced its the car that will help Cadillac crack Europe, but it isn't lacking in presence.*

McLaren 570S Coupe - Nigel Donnelly

A new McLaren is exciting enough but the fact that 570S is democratising the technology developed for the P1 hypercar to inform the development bodes well for how it will drive. I can't wait to see if it matches up as favourably to Audi and Porsche rivals on the road as it does on paper.

Range Rover SVAutobiography - Darren Moss

I admire many of the innovations coming out of Jaguar Land Rover at the moment, but I’m pleased to see the firm being the first to jump the gun with a modern super-luxury SUV. Yes, it costs £148,900 and includes some interesting additions - ‘event’ seating, anyone? - but I have no doubt that Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Mercedes-Maybach will have been over to have a close look themselves.

Porsche Boxster Spyder - Aaron Smith

A Porsche Boxster that is 105kg lighter and 45bhp more powerful than the already-potent Boxster GTS has to be my show star.*With all Cayman GT4s coming to the UK already accounted for, die-hard purists will have another opportunity to own one of Stuttgart’s focused sports cars with a third pedal.

Subaru STI Performance Concept - Tom Langan

It's no secret that Toyota has sold far more examples of the GT86 than Subaru has of the BRZ. This concept could prove to be the moment the tide turns.

The STi moniker is held in high regard, with hoards of devotees loyal to the brand to the point of madness. The same can't be said of TRD fans. A strong offering in the form of a BRZ STi could sell in vast numbers, becoming the enthusiasts choice for cheap thrills.

See more pictures from the New York motor show in our gallery above, and read more New York motor show news here.

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