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Just a quick hi from me and some info.

Bought my first car in 1999, this was a 1996 Suzuki Baleno/Esteem 1.8 GTi
Some info
Then I bought a new 2006 Suzuki Swift 1.3 with an aerow spoilerkit on it (kept the name since then to aerowswift for all forums ;) )
Some info
This was a DLS audio car with which I played in the EMMA competitions.

After that came a Alfa Romeo 147 1.9 jdtm (crappy-ass-no-good-european-*******-****-car )

And finally ,last month, theres the 5-door, galaxy grey, honda civic 1.8 silverstone edition from 2009.


Things done sofar:
other grill,
aluminium fuel cap,
blue footwell lights front and rear.

Things to do:
Lowering with eibach's (15 may)
Type R look rear spoiler ( also somewhere end of may )
19" lightings or 18" blades
GP-kit maybe not sure yet
Build in all the audio-stuff laying around here
Ow and most important civinfo stickers

Thats basically it, cheers

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Welcome to the forum mate, a supporter as well, great stuff. :D
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