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Hello peeps.

Just purchased a 2012 1.8 EX Auto two weeks ago and am loving it.

I'm not new to Honda's. I've got a EP3 Civic Type R that I've had since new in 2005 and still use it for trackdays ( after completing 2 race seasons in it ). (had my first EP3 new in 2002 and this one is my third).

First impressions of the FK2 are very positive.

I'm VERY impressed with the economy with the ECO button pressed. Went for several long runs and am getting approx 46-52mpg on a motorway run and around town and a bit of A-Road driving seem to get getting between 35-41mpg which I consider excellent for an Auto box.

Comfort wise I'm a very happy bunny. It's handles rough surfaces quite well and suspension is quite comfortable without being to 'floaty' .. It's firm enough to also have a little but of fun around the twisties on a spirited drive when making progress.

Engine wise it's ok for economy and like most NA Honda's needs to be revved to make good progress but I did not buy it for performance . Hovever, dropping it down a couple of cogs and going beyond 5k the engine is very keen for the little power it has so I'm happy with that.

Sat Nav works reasonably well and heated leather seats are nice in the chilly winter mornings :smile3:

Overall, Very impressed with it.
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