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Hi everyone
Lee, 22 from Newcastle

I've been using the forum for a while now but never really posted anything.
I've got 2007 CTS I-cdti which I bought around a year ago. Before now I've owned a couple of small VW's and a Citroen C2 code, which I must admit even being cheap and French was a lovely car. It had full heated leather seats in tan and the vts lump up front. Anyway last year I decided it was costing a bit to much to run with it only getting 27mpg, and was starting to develop some faults. So that got part ex'd towards my Civic. Was tempted by a type r but soon remembered why I was buying a different car.
Here some pics from the day I bought it

Since I got it I've done a couple little modifications
Sport grill
Short shift kit
CTR gear knob and gaiter

Next modification is the lower plastics colour coded and the wheels refurbished and possibly a colour change which should be happening in the next few weeks.

Plans include
CTR or sport spoiler
CG Motorsport clutch upgrade
Eibach pro kit

I plan on owning this car for a long while mainly due to the finance agreement I have which is pretty difficult for me to get out of without loosing a fortune. Negative equity and all that *****. So expect to see me popping up abit.

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Hello and welcome to :civinfo: Lee :top:

Congrats on the new car, nice list of plans too ;)

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Hello and welcome Lee...:cool:

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:hello2: mate & :welcome4: to :civinfo::top:
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